Thursday, June 23, 2016


When I load my Migraine App "Migraine Buddy"  I see "Denial on Day 3" and have no idea how it got there. Did the app makers put it there? Did I write it in a fog of denial?

I've begun to compose a new one each day.
Yesterday was Doggedness on Day 2
Slug down the triptan and trudge through the motions of a basic day. A basic day for a 57 year old woman with Intercranial Hypertension and Chronic Migraine is very very basic.

Today is Day 3 and the triptan hasn't worn off yet so feels almost like a typical morning, at least there is no pain and I could fathom the idea of an errand involving driving.

The problem is that there are so many errands left undone and the executive function of my brain is a bit fuzzy, so what errand should I do? Perhaps I should have planned last night, just IN CASE I felt almost normal this morning.

But I gave up planning and expectations.

Meanwhile the cranio-sacral fluid is going swish, swish in my ears and my vision is blurry. Oh right, I have an appointment with the opthamologist tomorrow to check whether my optic nerve is being affected by the pressure of the spinal fluid.

I'd better save some spoons for a drive to Oakland in the morning.

Bye for now

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