Monday, June 27, 2016

Headache Free on Day 6

Beautiful new day. No pain.
Go on twitter.
Not a journalist, not a pundit, nothing to self-promote.
Just addicted.

20 minutes later.
Bad mood.
Still no headache.

Hurricane is missing. I think he went to die somewhere.
He's been having a happy life for a year here.

First day of no pain after five days of pain. It's almost over and I can't wait to go to bed again.

Feeling guilty I didn't do the million and one things I had on the list.
What list? I know it's around here somewhere.

I've also got my Mama's last list. Don't die with a list .....

Be like Hurricane. He never has a list except eat, drink, sleep and go outside to sleep in the sun. At well over age 10 and a long busy life as unneutered Tom behind him, he began to play again while living here. I caught him chasing his tail.

I always thought I'd play when I got old. Never realized I'd get old from chronic illness before I got the chance to play.

#Migraine #ChronicMigraine #IdiopathicIntercranialHypertension

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